Domestic and Offshore Teams

We Leverage the World’s Top Talent Through Both Domestic and Offshore Teams

At Tellago, we’ve implemented an agile approach for distributed teams that has allowed us to hire the best talent independent of its geographic location.

At Tellago, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way IT software solutions are developed. We believe in global talent and understand global markets.

Part of our goal has been to address some of the challenges organizations face finding the right balance between talent and budget when developing medium to large software solutions.

As a modern company that recognizes the social and economic dynamics of current businesses, we implemented a model that leverages the cost and scalability benefits of offshore development with the social advantages of co-located teams, blended it with a methodology that leverages some of the most modern flavors of agile development – and created Tellago Argentina, our offshore development arm.

Distributed agile teams work….

We rarely approach a project as an exclusive offshore development model, instead our teams typically include architects, developers and agile coaches from both our team in the United States and Argentina working cohesively as a single team. There are many differences between our approach and a traditional offshore model.

  • Talent: Our goal with our offshore teams is to continue hiring the best and the brightest. Many of our developers are worldwide published authors, regular speakers at industry conferences and even ex-members of Microsoft product teams.
  • One big team: We approach our projects as a single, cohesive team that includes both domestic and offshore architects, developers, business analysts and agile coaches that will work together with your organization to deliver a software system tailored to your business needs.
  • Cost: We are using a 'smart' cost-model for our larger projects by using a mix of local and offshore development resources.  This translates into massive cost savings which exponentially cumulate when scaling of the teams is needed later on.
  • Time zone proximity: One of the reasons we decided to establish our presence in Argentina was the time zone proximity to the United States which allows our team to execute together in a single time zone.
  • Elasticity: Using this approach allows our customers to scale or contract the team as needed without incurring in major risks in terms of the budget, team chemistry, etc.

Our Argentine CTO

Gustavo Machado is a Senior Architect working for Tellago and Tellago Studios, he is a development geek, REST fan, Rx addict, and a strong Agile believer. He has been working on service oriented applications using all SOAP, OData and REST web services. He discovered his passion for presentations in 2010 while presenting at the Argentine Code Camp for the first time on “REST on Microsoft platforms”. He keeps an active blog at