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NUI and Kinect

Motion, Vision, and Touch Interfaces are Changing the Way we Consume Information.

Engage customers on a completely new level with Tellago's Natural User Interface (NUI) Studio. 

Tellago’s NUI practice is focused on helping organizations build new experiences leveraging Microsoft’s Kinect for Business and related technologies. We collaborate with Microsoft and customers around the world to leverage the Kinect experience as part of their business and customer applications.

Let's Kinect Together - Our Services

Tellago offers a series of advisory and implementation services to help organizations leverage NUI to enable the next generation user experiences. Our services range from large application development efforts to small engagements in a strategic advisory role. Additionally, Tellago collaborates with different software companies in the implementation of Kinect based products for different industries.

Let's Start Together - Strategic Advice

I want to use Kinect for my application, but I am not sure if it will work...

Like any new technology, the path to NUI applications represents a challenge for most organizations. From the challenge of envisioning initial use cases to the uncertainty of using a new technology in an unexplored space, organizations can encounter some roadblocks adopting NUI technologies such as Kinect.  Tellago helps organizations around the world figure out the correct strategy to embrace Kinect as part of their applications, identify potential challenges, and design a feasible implementation plan that takes both the strategy and challenges into account. Together with our technical expertise, Tellago offers a unique knowledge of the NUI solution market that will help organizations leverage industry best practices and to maximize the chances of succeeding. 

Let's Build It Together - Application Design and Development

I am ready to develop this new Kinect application...

Tellago’s NUI Studio is the home of a large team of engineers, designers, and agile coaches that specialize in the implementation of Kinect applications. We are currently working with organizations across the globe building some awesome Kinect solutions in diverse industries. Our team brings a high level of expertise and industry recognition in gaming, enterprise and consumer software technologies. Working with your team, our engineers and designers will help you dream and build exciting new applications powered by Microsoft Kinect.


Let's Partner Together - Application Versioning, Updates, and Support

I need to version and support my Kinect application...

Kinect and NUI technologies are an unknown territory for most organizations. When building highly interactive experiences using Kinect, companies are looking beyond the initial application development lifecycle and thinking of the strategies to correctly version and maintain this new type of application. Being aware of this problem, we can partner with your organization to facilitate the versioning, updates and maintenance of your Kinect application.

Tellago Kinect Accelerator

Tellago's Kinect Accelerator is a series of technologies, tools, samples, and guidance that helps organizations effectively build HUI solutions based on Microsoft's Kinect for Windows.  The Accelerator enables the fundamental building blocks of Kinect applications such as device management, monitoring, testing, gesture recognition, and gaming patterns among many other elements that will make your Kinect application ready at an enterprise scale.