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Chris Love Does The Tablet Show

Tellago's very own Chris Love talks with Carl and Richard from The Tablet Show on building enterprise applications for mobile devices.  During the discussion Chris talks about his projects in mobile devices, challenges with single-sign-on, native apps vs. HTML5 and more.

For more information and to listen in to the full interview with Chris visit


Opps Jesus Does it Again at MS Tech Days 2012!

Just when Microsoft Tech Days 2012 thought Jesus was finished, he comes back with another session on Enterprise Mobility!  Looks like The Netherlands can't get enough of the Tellago Chief Architect!

To see more about Jesus' sessions and MS Tech Days check out


Jesus Rodriguez Rocks MS Tech Days 2012 in the Netherlands

Jesus ventures out to foreign lands to once again spread the word on leading technologies this week!  He is currently in The Netherlands speaking at Microsoft's Tech Days 2012.  His sessions on the Kinect Experience is gaining momentum!  He will conduct two sessions today (16 Febraury 2012), on the Kinect Experience.

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Chris Strikes Again

Chris Love certainly does get around when it comes to HTML5 and the Cloud!  Chris was in Dallas today (Wed 14 Dec) speaking at, on "How HTML5 and the Cloud will make you a Mobile Champion".

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Using the Cloud to Enable Next-Generation Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Are you evaluating options for mobilizing your enterprise?

Tellago and Tellago Studios’ CEO, Jesus Rodriguez, recently wrote in the Cloud Computing Journal about why you should consider leveraging the cloud for your plans.

Using the Cloud to Enable Next-Generation Enterprise Mobility Solutions Leveraging the economics of the Cloud.  Click on the link for the full details of the article

Chris Does CMAP Code Camp Fall 2011

Chris Love is certainly seeing his fair share of Code Camps this year!!!  He conducted two session at Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center in Columbia this past weekend on Saturday November 12th, 2011.  For more information on CMAP Code Camp visit their website at http://www/

Chris Love Rocks Desert Code Camp!!

Tellago's Chris Love is speaking at the Desert Code Camp today (2 Nov 2011).  Chris has two sessions on Mobile Web Apps and Recreating Native Controls using jQuery, CSS and HTML5.

Check out the code camp site at, and join one of Chris' sessions, it's bound to be a blast!!!

Jesus Does Software Architect Conference 2011

This week, Tellago’s Chief Architect, Jesus Rodriguez, will be  speaking at the Fifth Annual Software Architect Conference in London. This year, Jesus will be presenting a session about NOSQL databases for the .NET developer that summarizes the patterns and lessons we learned helping our customers embrace NOSQL technologies over the last year.

Tellago SHAKES Buenos Aires Code Camp 2011

This year at the Buenos Aires Code Camp 2011 Tellago had 11 presenters speak on various topics from WCF to SharePoint!  The annual event was held on 15 October 2011 of which Tellago was a sponsor and is seen as one of the biggest Microsoft events in Argentina.

As expressed by Jesus Rodriguez on the outstanding effort from the Tellago team “I wanted to take this time to congratulate you all.  I think this Code Camp confirms for everybody the talent of our team and our commitment to support the Argentinean developer community.”

Tellago is speaking at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference

Tellago’s SharePoint Practice continues having a great year. This week we are speaking at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference.

Tellago Studios Announces the Launch of Moesion

Tellago is happy to announce that Tellago Studios has launched Moesion - a cloud-based platform that enables the management of your IT systems, whether hosted on-premise or on the cloud, from your smartphone or tablet.  This is another outstanding innovative product developed by Tellago Studios.  Check out the announcement on Moesion where it’s all explained at

Tellago Releases Hermes

Tellago is very happy to announce the open source release of Hermes, a new publish-subscribe messaging technology based on MongoDB and RESTful Services.

Tellago’s Chris Love presents at MAD Expo

Tellago’s Mobility Practice Lead Chris Love spoke at the Mid Atlantic Developer Expo which took place June 30-July 1st in Hampton VA.

Tellago Studios Introduces TeleSharp | Making .NET Applications Truly Agile

Tellago Studios is proud to announce the immediate availability of TeleSharp - an application metadata repository that enables true agility in enterprise .NET applications.   TeleSharp is an innovative product that addresses the most common challenges with enterprise .NET applications.

Tellago Wins 2011 American Business Awards!!!!

On June 20, 2011 Tellago was announced as the Winner of the Best Overall Company of the Year – Up to 100 Employees – Computer Services, Electronics, Software or Telecommunications category in the 2011 American Business Awards.


Tellago is pleased to announce the creation of RESTBucks.NET a sample application constructed by one of their Architects, Jose Romaniello.  This application is based on the famous RESTBucks scenario highlighted in the REST in practice book authored by Jim Webber, Ian Robinson and Savas Parastatidis.

Tellago Named Finalist in the 2011 American Business Awards

Tellago has been named a Finalist in the Best Overall Company of the Year - Up to 100 Employees -

Tellago Returns to Microsoft TechEd North America

Atlanta, GA | May 2011

Jesus Rodriguez will return to Microsoft TechEd North America with two sessions that cover WCF and WF solutions.  Come join him in Atlanta from May 16 – 20 to hear about:

  • Best Practices for Managing, Testing, and Deploying WCF Solutions

  • Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4.0 in the Real World:  Principles for Incorporating WF 4.0 into the Big Enterprise

Jesus Rodriguez to Present at the 4th International SOA Symposium

Brasilia, Brazil | April 2011

Tellago is pleased to announce that its Chief Architect, Jesus Rodriguez will be presenting again at the International SOA Symposium.  His topics are:

  • Agile Service Oriented Governance
  • RESTful Services Patterns in the Real World

Tellago Rocks VS Live! 2011

Las Vegas, NV | April 2011

Come join Jesus Rodriguez as he presents two sessions at Microsoft’s VS Live! 2011 in Las Vegas on April 20 -21.  His sessions will cover RESTful services on the Microsoft platform as well as techniques for making Windows Workflow simpler.

Announcing the Immediate Availability of RFID Event Handlers for Windows Azure

Boca Raton, FL | April 2010

Tellago’s RFID Solutions group is pleased to announce the immediate availability of RFID Event Handlers for Windows Azure.   This is the necessary tool for building out extensible, enterprise level RFID solutions that leverage Microsoft’s Window’s Azure.

Tellago Talks Azure AppFabric at Microsoft Events in Florida

Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa, FL | April 2011

Join Tellago’s Chief Architect, Jesus Rodriguez, as he discusses patterns and techniques for building next generation integration solutions using the Windows Azure AppFabric at Microsoft Integration Roadshow Events in Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa, FL.

Tellago Announces the Release of BizTalk Server RFID Data Services

Boca Raton, FL | March 2011

The series of open source releases from our team at Tellago continues with the newest addition to the RESTful Services APIs for BizTalk Server available at Tellago Devlabs ( Tellago’s Uri Katsir, RFID Practice Lead, and Suresh Girirajan developed this REST/OData API for BizTalk Server RFID.

Tellago’s Don Demsak Presenting at the Microsoft Connected Systems User Group in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA | March 2011

Tellago’s CTO, Don Demsak, will be presenting a session about WCF management, testing and governance using SO-Aware  and the SO-Aware Test Workbench at the Microsoft Connected Systems User Group in Atlanta.

Announcing the Tellago Studios Test Workbench

Boca Raton, FL | March 2011

Congratulations to Tellago’s sister company, Tellago Studios, on the release of the Test Workbench for SO-Aware™!  The Test Workbench enhances SO-Aware™ by bringing sophisticated performance testing and test visualization capabilities to the WCF world.

Tellago Honored to Speak at Microsoft Tech Ready

Seattle, WA | February 2011

Tellago was honored to present two sessions at Microsoft’s internal technical conference, Tech Ready in Seattle in February.  Jesus Rodriguez presented a session on SO-Aware while Dwight Goins presented a session on Oracle Interoperability.

Tellago Devlabs Releases a RESTful API for BizTalk Server Business Rules

Boca Raton, FL | February 2011

Tellago demonstrates its continued commitment to open source by releasing the BizTalk Business Rules Data Service API, which extends our existing BizTalk Data Services solution with an OData API for the BizTalk Server Business Rules engine. Tellago’s Vishal Mody led the implementation of this version of the API with some input from other members of our technical staff.

Tellago 2011: Dwight Goins latest to join Tellago’s large team of Microsoft MVPs.

Redmond, WA | January 2011

Dwight Goins, SOA Practice Lead, started 2011 off right by being awarded BizTalk MVP status for 2011.  He joins a large community of Microsoft MVPs at Tellago across WCF, BizTalk, and ASP.NET.  Welcome Dwight!

Dwight Goins to Speak at Microsoft Integration Roadshow in Dallas and Houston

Dallas and Houston, TX | December 2010

Join Tellago’s SOA Practice Lead, Dwight Goins, as he presents sessions about WCF Management Best Practices Using SO-Aware™.

WIF in the Real World at Microsoft TechEd EMEA 2010

Berlin, Germany| November 2010

Not content to just present at Microsoft’s TechEd North America,  Jesus Rodriguez returned to TechEd EMEA 2010 with a session on WIF in the Real World.

SO-Aware Highlighted at the 3rd International SOA Symposium

Berlin, Germany | October 2010

Jesus Rodriguez presented a session on lightweight, REST-AtomPub-based, collaborative SOA Governance.  The session was based on the principles and techniques behind Tellago Studios’ SO-Aware™.

Lightweight SOA Governance - 2010 Software Architect Conference

London, UK | October 2010

Tellago’s Chief Architect, Jesus Rodriguez returned to the Software Architect Conference in London in October for a repeat performance.  He presented sessions on Lightweight SOA Governance and REST based Integration.

Tellago Rocks BizTalk Data Services with another Release

Boca Raton, FL | June 2010

Tellago, through its DevLabs Workspace ( ) is happy to announce the release of the second version of BizTalk Data Services which extends the initial release with update capabilities which will allow BizTalk developers with the ability of performing tasks such as updating receive locations or send ports, stopping BizTalk hosts, etc. Tellago's Adrian Lopez lead the development effort.  With this release, we are pleased to offer the first feature-complete version of the BizTalk Data Services API.

Don Demsak Talks WCF in NYC

New York, NY | June 2010

Tellago's CTO Don Demsak presented a session on WCF Data and RIA Services at the WCF Fire-Starter Event hosted at the Microsoft offices in New York City.

Tellago Rocks Microsoft TechEd North America 2010

New Orleans, LA | June 2010

Tellago presented three sessions at Microsoft’s TechEd North America in New Orleans this past June:

  • Real Time Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Integrating Dynamic Languages into your Enterprise Applications
  • Web Service Interoperability

Tellago Announces the Release of BizTalk Data Services

Boca Raton, FL | May 2010

Tellago is committed to open source.  As a demonstration of that, it is proud to announce the immediate availability of BizTalk Data Services, a RESTFul OData-based API to interact with BizTalk Server via HTTP using the Atom Publishing Protocol or JSON as the encoding mechanisms.  This initial version is mostly focused on browsing, querying, searching BizTalk artifacts via a RESTful interface. 

Jesus Rodriguez at Microsoft Dev Days 2010 in The Netherlands

The Hague, Netherlands | March 2010

Jesus Rodriguez presented sessions on RESTful services patterns using WCF as well as refactoring traditional enterprise integration patterns from a cloud computing perspective.

Business Intelligence With SQL Server 2008 R2 (Tampa, FL)

Tampa, FL | March 24 - 24, 2010

Don Demsak and Jesus Rodriguez will be presenting 4 sessions at the Business Intelligence With SQL Server 2008 R2 event.  This event will be held at the Microsoft Tampa, FL office on Wed. March 24, 2010.

Their sessions are:

PDC 2009 Workshop - Developing Microsoft BI Applications

Los Angeles,CA | November 16 - 16, 2009

Don Demsak, CTO of Tellago, and Microsoft Regional Director, Andrew Brust held a full day preconference workshop at the Microsoft Developers Conference 2009.  The workshop, Developing Microsoft BI Applications - The How and The Why, is an introduction to the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack for .Net developers.

Jesus Rodriguez Selected to Speak at Software Architect 2009

London, England | September 29 - October 1, 2009

This year at Software Architect 2009 in London, Jesus will present the following sessions:

SOAWorld 2009 | New York, NY | June 22 - 23, 2009

At SOAWorld 2009, Jesus Rodriguez presented the session:

 From SOA to WOA: Introducing Web Oriented Architectures:

VSLive! Las Vegas 2009 | Las Vegas, NV | June 8 - 11, 2009

At VSLive in Las Vegas, Jesus Rodriguez presented the following sessions:

WCF Extensibility In-Depth:

SD West 2009 | Santa Clara, CA | March 9 - 13, 2009

This year at SD West 2009, Jesus Rodriguez presented the session Beyond the WCF ABC: WCF Extensibility Deep Dive:

IT Architect - Dallas 2008 | November 6 - 7, 2008

This year at IT Architect 2008 in Dallas, Jesus Rodriguez presented the session REST for the rest of us:

ClonSOAWorld 2008 | San Jose | November 19 - 21, 2008

This year at SOAWorld 2008, Jesus Rodriguez presented the session Can We All Get Along?  Using REST and WS-* in the Enterprise:

Oracle OpenWorld 2008 | San Francisco | September 21 - 25, 2008

This year at Oracle OpenWorld, Jesus co-presented the session Taming Web Service Interoperability:

New Executive Briefing Series

Announcing our new Executive Briefing Series: Achieving Business Agility through a SOA Based Microsoft Platform. These complimentary sessions are running in Chicago, New York, Dallas, and San Francisco. Contact us at for more information.

Microsoft TechEd Developers 2008 | Orlando | June 3 - 6, 2008

This year at TechEd we presented a Breakout session and two Technical Learning Center sessions:

SOA03-TLC - Real World Business Activity Monitoring - Jesus Rodriguez and Joe Klug
This is not your ordinary BAM session!  Jesus Rodriguez and Joe Klug will be showing some cool demos on how to use BAM, which include some of the little-to-non-documented aspects of BAM.  The demos will show the combination of BAM and other technologies such as MOSS, WCF, SQL Server Analysis Services, etc.